I have been asking the City of Wanneroo and Main Roads to reduce the speed limit on that road from the time that the Ocean Reef Road extension opened.

I live about 100 metres from the corner of Badgerup Road and Ocean Reef Road on a very sharp bend, which has a speed limit of a ridiculous 80km/h but most vehicles are travelling well beyond that speed by the time they reach my property.

Consequently, anyone leaving or entering my home is in very real danger of having a serious vehicle accident.

On entering my driveway it is a daily occurrence that you are tailgated, beeped and abused and then the offending vehicles will try and pass on the double white lines with complete disregard for oncoming traffic, which will, I am certain, result in a tragedy.

After sending another email of complaint to the City last month I was again told that any speed limit changes were still under review. How long does this process take?

The situation on this road is getting out of control and something needs to be done urgently.