Tree trouble

FOLLOWING the letter in the June 10 edition headlined ‘Preserve trees’, relating to the large trees at the north end of Civic Drive, I wonder if writer Elisa Osborne has trees this size in her street that break and buckle the road and footpath with roots growing through the paved surfaces, not to mention the sheets of bark, branches and leaves overflowing gutters and covering our yards.

The council’s attempt to remove an encroaching root has only left us with a permanent corrugation every time a truck or vehicle towing a trailer hits it.

Consequently, it was interesting to read the article in the same edition headlined ‘Eucalypt faces chop’, reporting that a similar tree in front of the shops near Wanneroo Road is to be removed to facilitate, of all things, a drive-by liquor store/bottle shop (really needed), because it would compromise the design of the store.

Will Elisa disagree with that decision also?

In addition, Civic Drive was designed as a local road.

We now have huge semi-trailers making deliveries to supermarkets trying to turn from Civic Drive into Windan Way and the access road past Limelight Theatre, breaking the kerbs and traffic islands at both junctions.

Putting these large delivery vehicles on suburban streets is an indication of the planning and compromise that has gone into the development of the Wanneroo Centre.

Don’t ask about the car park at the west end of Windan Way.