Trees look good

ON September 23, I checked each of the 13 fig trees on Russell Road in Madeley that had been pruned and found the City had done a good and responsible job.

I even think the trees look better.

Now there is no chance any more that fruits from these trees will land on the footpath on the other side of Russell Road and no chance that a branch will break off and fall.

I can argue that we all have won: those who wanted to keep the trees, those who feel that the trees are a nuisance and the council (after pruning) has exercised its duty of care.

I thank Mayor Tracey Roberts as she handled the case with very good understanding for the concerns of the community and I also would like to thank Councillor Treby for his move to rescind the motion to remove the trees.

I know that this was not easy.

I also need to thank Councillor Winton because she was the only councillor to vote against the motion to remove the trees.

And to those who wanted the trees removed: I congratulate you for your determination and the way you argued.

We had a number of different opinions in this case and in the end achieved a good result. That is, so I think, how a community should work.

Rainer Repke, Kallaroo