True heart

Rattling tins outside Greenwood train station with other volunteers on a chilly, misty morning to help raise funds for people doing it tough was a task made that much easier by commuters digging deep for the cause.

Hundreds of commuters supported the appeal, forking out hard-earned cash to help people of our city in need.

I don’t like singling anybody out because you’re all champions in my eyes, but one particular teenager I came across epitomised the community spirit.

She approached me sheepishly, then apologised profusely when handing over 15 cents. ‘I’ve only got 15 cents in my purse. I’m embarrassed and ashamed,’ she said.

I pointed out that she had nothing to be embarrassed about.

‘You may be short on coins but you’re tall on community care which is what really counts,’ I told her, pinning a Vinnies sticker on to her jumper before she went on her way.

If everyone had such a big heart, what a wonderful world it would be.