Unsuitable tree

THOSE trees in Madeley that have been saved from the axe are very dangerous, both above and below ground.

The roots will damage roads, water and sewerage mains plus house foundations at a considerable distance from the trunk.

Falling branches can injure or kill some unfortunate person being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are a most unsuitable tree for suburbia.

Surprisingly some of people those passionate about keeping those trees until they die, in about 10 years or so, live in the closest and newest homes and are obviously unaware of the threat the trees pose.

Should those people want to sell their homes I think they have a legal duty of disclosure to advise any prospective purchaser of the threat those trees pose to the structural integrity of their homes.

This can reduce the value of that property almost to the point of it being unsaleable.

Moreover, if they do not disclose the problem, the sale can be cancelled once the new owners find out and all money, plus costs, must be repaid.

That’s something to consider for all concerned.