Washday Gripe Over Water Usage

I HAVE two rainwater tanks and try to save water whenever possible, much to the amusement of friends and family as “water is so cheap”.

I see their point. To recoup the cost of installing tanks without any subsidy takes a long time.

I siphon into the washing machine, then re-use for the second load. The same with rinsing, then save the last rinse to wash the next lot.

I do two loads twice a week.

The second lot of wash water goes on the garden. It’s a bit labour intensive, but the washing comes out clean, and I’m prepared to do the work. My gripe is that I bought a new washing machine, without realising there is no suds-save facility; in fact, it states “do not fill manually”.

I’ve managed to get around this, but it got me thinking.

A suds-saver sink used to be a feature in modern laundries. I use an old machine on a stand so I can still transfer water from one to the other, as the new machine will not siphon through the drain.

One of my tanks is empty, and the other very low, and I need it to top up the fishpond, so think it more important than ever to save wherever I can.