Waste combined

ON Thursday I watched with amazement as the council workers arrived with a rubbish truck and a bobcat to pick up my verge waste.

I had methodically separated and stacked my green waste from the ordinary rubbish.

Normally, I take my green waste to the green recycling centre. I assumed that these annual verge pick-ups also took the green waste to be turned into compost.

Therefore, imagine my shock when I watched as both my green and other waste was loaded into the same truck.

I asked the driver if the green was going to be composted. He replied that only where there was a large pile of green waste, about three bucket loads or more, was it collected for composting. He said in cases such as mine (but I had three bucket loads) it isn’t worth handling so it went to landfill with the regular rubbish.

If I had known I would not have put my green waste out for collection but taken it to the recycling centre to keep it out of the landfill.

The City should communicate this more clearly to residents to allow us to make the choice of whether we wish to contribute our green waste to the landfill or have it composted.

Lori-Ann Shibish,