Wishes rejected

LAST week I presented a petition to the City of Wanneroo in which 125 people living in the vicinity of Badgerup Road in Gnangara were unhappy that our road was converted to a rat-run for commuters and trucks coming off the busy Ocean Reef Road extension.

Our previously peaceful locality has become subject to excessive traffic noise, road and personal safety issues, pollution from vehicle fumes and resulting stress. Our request was to reduce the speed limit below the present 80km/h and make access only to local traffic.

The City said this was refused on application to Main Roads. The only justification given was that a count showed only 3500 vehicles used Badgerup Road per day, with 15 per cent of these recorded to be speeding over 87km/h.

It said that was “well within the functionality” of this road, regardless of what the residents living here may think.

GREG GLAZOV, Gnangara.