Opinion: Pedestrian dangers crossing Marmion Avenue have grown with development

I HAVE lived with my family of four children in Kinross for more than 10 years. When I first moved into the area it was peaceful, the volume of cars was at a level that the road infrastructure could cope.

Then the expansion of the “northern corridor” began.

An underpass on Marmion Avenue has been promised several times in the past. So far, this has not materialised; now with the development of Burns Beach the problem has multiplied.

I have witnessed schoolchildren and other pedestrians gambling with their lives in trying to cross Marmion Avenue at the roundabout with Edinburgh Avenue.

The flow of traffic along Marmion is constant and relentless, cars at this junction struggle to find enough gaps in the traffic to accelerate out onto Marmion, so what hope does a person walking have to cross safely?

Are the authorities prepared to gamble with children’s lives? Waiting until someone is seriously hurt or worse, is surely not an option.

MIKE WARD, Kinross.