Unemployment rate. Opinion

THE unemployment rate is reported to be a concerning +6 per cent for WA and I’m wondering what that rate would be if people like me were added to it.

I am an unemployed professional with much experience in my field of work who is not entitled to any Centrelink assistance and therefore could not be one of those in the +6 per cent.

I’ve been out of work since July; applied for about 115 positions (various), heard back from a handful via email of being unsuccessful, requested feedback from a number of organisations with only one being respectful enough to respond and been interviewed by two whose professional conduct and interviewing skills left much to be desired.

I’m not the only person in this position but believe those I have spoken to, in an endeavour to get feedback to my applications, either could not give a damn or more simply do not have the skills/aptitude to discuss or properly assess applications.

To those organisations, I’m happy to provide a training program on interviewing process and skills.

Name and address supplied.