Back with vengeance

At times, some of these deficiencies can be hidden due to the success of the team and the individual talent on a roster.

This may have occurred in the first half of the Wildcats’ year. Perhaps we did not focus on our deficiencies due to our 12-1 record.

Now we have lost two games on the trot, our weaknesses have been magnified.

A positive we can take from the two consecutive defeats is that we have identified our weaknesses and can focus on going forward.

The intensity level during a game should always be greater than what is experienced during training.

Tuesday’s practice was one of the most spirited and physically demanding sessions I’ve ever taken part in.

No easy points were given, bodies were thrown all over the floor and our competitive juices were flowing.

It was something you enjoyed being part of.

But none of that matters if it doesn’t translate to the court come game time.

Our clash this Friday night against the Townsville Crocodiles will be a test to see if we can convert that intensity into a winning performance at Perth Arena.