Beau Chatley injury: Mitchell Antonio cops 10-game suspension for tackle

Beau Chatley.
Beau Chatley.

WESTERN Australian football is reeling after the 10-match suspension handed to West Perth’s Mitchell Antonio following the severe spinal injury suffered by Beau Chatley.

Antonio, 19, tackled East Perth’s Chatley late in the second quarter of Saturday’s WAFL reserves match at Medibank Stadium.

Chatley landed awkwardly on his head, suffering a significant spinal injury, and he later underwent surgery in Royal Perth Hospital.

Antonio was referred to the WAFL tribunal for “careless conduct”, and despite most observers thinking he had done little wrong, he copped a 10-match suspension.

In a hearing lasting more than an hour, Mitchell pleaded not guilty but the tribunal ruled otherwise.

West Perth are yet to comment on the suspension.