Expectations high for Engas car

John Clark at work on the Engas car.
John Clark at work on the Engas car.

Team principal and owner-driver John Clark said it was important to get the chassis working properly after adopting the mid engine/transaxle configuration.

�We�ve taken proven concepts and design cues from chassis including Le Mans Group C Sports Cars and Formula One style cars and adapted them to our specifications as well as including innovative ideas of our own,� he said.

�An aluminium/poly composite flat floor has been mounted and construction of the rear body/wing support frame and sculpting of the side pods, aero tunnels and double diffuser is almost complete.

�We aim to create a ground effects machine that will increase our corner speed, thus reducing overall lap times.

�Combined with a projected vehicle weight of under 850kg, lightweight carbon brakes and aerodynamic body we are confident of achieving our goal.�

JCR promotions manager and technician Terry Darby-Smith said the aerodynamic component of the project was exciting as the team was stepping into unknown territory with some things.

�John really excels in this area having helped build Aussie Invader III which propelled JCR team patron Rosco McGlashan to an Australian land speed record,� Darby-Smith said.

�We can�t wait to get the car to the track to test our work.�