Fiore charts course for the top 10

Fiore charts course for the top 10

Fiore has already recorded the best drive of his career in 2013, finishing ninth in race four of round two in Tasmania.

The highest the Kalgoorlie-born driver finished in Perth last year was 15th, but with his switch from Ford to Holden, he is looking a chance for a top-10 finish and said a top-five finish would be the ultimate.

‘Top five is as good as a win for us because these factory teams are very hard to beat, but anything can happen,’ he said.

‘If something goes wrong for a factory team then we’re right here to pounce and capitalise on a good result ” that’s our aim, to be there to take that away from them.

‘A top 10 result is where we want to be.’

Fiore, who lives on the Gold Coast, switched from Dick Johnson Racing to Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport this year.

He was upbeat with how things had worked out.

‘I’m finally in a really good car (and) brand new team,’ he said.

‘They’ve got a really close association with Red Bull ” we get a lot of help and support from them and they’re the industry leaders so it’s a good thing.’

Fiore experienced a scare in New Zealand during round three when his car flew off the course at high speed in the final race.

He admitted it was a ‘hairy’ moment.

‘I’m lucky to be alive to be fair,’ he laughed.

But other than that, he said preparation had been ‘going great’.