Forward planning

Forward planning

Ray Bartholomew will return to the side having recovered from surgery on a fractured cheekbone, but our other injured players ” Chris Keunen (eye), Matt Guadagnin (cork) and Andrew Krakouer (knee) ” will remain out of the team.

Keunen and Guadagnin are close to playing but we need to err on the side of caution at this stage of the season.

Jordan Jones struggled with a knee injury in last weekend’s match but he’s a strong chance to play, pending a fitness test.

Krakouer has been doing some modified training at the club, as well as in his own time, but at the moment his knee is not right so we can’t consider him.

We’ll need to bring our best performance if we’re to defeat East Fremantle at Arena Joondalup.

When our defensive pressure is up and we’re locking the ball in our forward 50, we’re a difficult side to beat.

It’s that side of the game we need to bring.

We’ve been working on other aspects of our performance, but we haven’t quite got the reward for them yet.

We’re focusing on ways for us to score more effectively, move the ball with better precision and regularly hit targets inside forward 50.

We’ve slipped to number two in defence behind East Perth, but only by two points, so defensively we’ve been sound. It’s just a matter of getting more reward for our effort in the forward line.

We were goalless in the last quarter against Claremont, but still had a similar number of scoring shots. Again, it was a matter of forward efficiency.