Greg Hire: ‘grit, passion and energy’ – basketball the Wildcats’ way

The Wildcats celebrating after a last-gasp win over Brisbane.
The Wildcats celebrating after a last-gasp win over Brisbane.

IT was a tale of two tapes in our most recent encounters against Melbourne United and Brisbane Bullets.

Arguably, we played three good quarters of basketball out of eight and in doing so, split the results.

We need to replicate the mindset we had in the second half against Brisbane and in the last quarter against Melbourne.

It’s grit, passion and energy.

It’s that desperation and relentlessness; a desire to create a difference in the game.

We had players performing aggressively, showing confidence and being unselfish; when that occurs we are extremely tough to beat.

It’s not easy to play that style of basketball, where you put your body on the line and come out of the game completely gassed. But it’s what’s required to be competitive and put yourself in a position to win.

These next few weeks are a great opportunity to solidify our spot on the ladder. We want to be playing our best basketball come the business end of the season.

I never like to compare seasons, but last year the aura around the group was sensational.

We had all the confidence in the world and we felt like we could completely dominate our opponents.

We need to get back to that and it needs to begin from the defensive end. It’s a delight to watch when we are all on the same page and flying around the court in defence.

It feeds us energy on the offensive end; guys fly off screens, players cut with enthusiasm and great passes lead to uncontested shots.

For me, that’s what Wildcats basketball is about.

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