Kyle extends lead in WAMX

With a first, second and third finish in the three races for the day, Webster now has a 63-point lead on defending champion Louis Calvin on 256.

Dean Porter, making his return to racing, finished the round second, with Stevie Heilers third for the day, to put Heilers four points behind Calvin for the series.

Webster then continued his form in the pro lites class with two firsts and a second to win the round ahead of Jayden Rykers and fellow local rider Josh Adams.

Rykers still leads the series on 343 with Adams second on 315 and Wester third on 309.

Despite coming third for the round, Court Hirst still leads the women’s championship on 266 ahead of Shelley Connor on 242 and round-winner Jess Moore on 222.

Curtis Dejong continued his winning form in the intermediate opens, leading the series on 320 with Jake Konsolis on 272 and Dylan Young on 238, while Ryan Scarlett still leads the intermediate lites on 340 despite his third place finish for the round.

Winner Jake Fewster is second overall on 258, just ahead of Jack Perkusich on 255.

Taking the round win, Scott Jackman maintains the series lead in the clubman lites by 23 points from Kaleb Richdale on 272. The sixth and final round will be held on Sunday, September 21 at Noble Falls.