Nordhagen Classic: Landsdale resident Petrus Palm’s effort earns wrestling sponsorship

Wrestler Petrus Palm ready to rumble.       d454963       
Wrestler Petrus Palm ready to rumble.       d454963       

LANDSDALE wrestler Petrus (Peet) Palm has been awarded a sponsorship to a local gym following his international success earlier this year.

The sponsorship results from a partnership between his school Kingsway Christian College and Warwick Workout at the redeveloped Warwick Stadium.

“It has been a real blessing,” Peet’s father Petrus Sr said.

“We’ve been doing Peet’s strength and conditioning in the park or the garage but now we get to work out in an elite facility.”

The 17-year-old represented Australia in May at the Nordhagen Classic in Canada where he won bronze in the 50kg class.

Warwick Workout manager Marcus Lewenhoff-Jones said he was inspired by young people determined to succeed in spite of obstacles.

“It’s the reason Warwick Workout went into partnership with Kingsway Christian College,” he said.

Peet’s goal is to compete for Australia at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.