Special effort by Olympians

Special effort by Olympians

Tracey Northcott (25) and Sherree Kelly (22) ” both St Mark’s Anglican Community School graduates ” travelled to Newcastle to compete with the Australian women’s basketball team earlier this month.

They were joined at the Games by Northern Districts Special Olympics basketballers Chris Willers, Kevin Phillips, Stephen Sked and Gregory Carstens.

The four locals, who play at Arena Joondalup, came fourth with the Australian men’s Division M3 team.

The A division women’s’ team made a comeback in the finals, defeating an opposition they had lost to twice earlier in the competition.

Northcott said it was a comfort to have Sherree, who is a close friend, travelling with her.

‘Travelling I was a bit nervous because it was all new and I was going without my parents and family, but it was fun,’ she said.

‘We’re (Sherree and Tracey) really close and she lives close, so it was great and I met plenty of people and made new friends.’

The northern suburbs residents were the only WA players on the national team.

The Special Olympics brings together athletes with an intellectual disability from around the world to compete in a wide range of sports.