Talented Robyn has winning combination of skill and spirit

Robyn Lambird is a nominee in the HBF junior sports heroes awards.
Robyn Lambird is a nominee in the HBF junior sports heroes awards.

The Tapping teenager shrugs off the restrictions of cerebral palsy (CP) with humour and enthusiasm.

‘I was born with a condition called cerebral palsy and it kind of makes me walk like a T-Rex,’ she quips in the opening YouTube clip of her blog A T-Rex Life.

‘So that’s where T-Rex came from and it’s kind of stuck (as a nickname) with all my friends and family.’

The blog serves to create awareness about CP, while also offering understanding to others with her condition.

It’s Robyn’s zealous approach to life that has taken her to the male-dominated arena of wheelchair rugby.

The 17-year-old is the only female player in WA and tough enough to hold a place in the men’s WA team, the West Coast Enforcers.

Speaking with the Times late last year, Lambird said she loved the atmosphere and intensity of the sport.

‘Basically, I love smashing into people,’ she said.

Also a talent on the wheelchair basketball court, her side took silver in the 2012 State Wheelchair Basketball League competition.

Robyn has been named a nominee in the Times’ HBF Junior Sports Hero Awards in honour of her achievements.

To watch A T-Rex Life, visit www.youtube.com/|atrexlife.