The Ghost Alex Nicholls rising in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Alex Nicholls has a formidable BJJ record.
Picture: Martin Kennealey           d468424
Alex Nicholls has a formidable BJJ record. Picture: Martin Kennealey         d468424

MARTIAL arts monikers must carry a certain mystique.

And so is the case with Alex ‘The Ghost’ Nicholls, of Marangaroo.

The talented Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) exponent earned his fight name from a former coach in the discipline five years ago.

“He said ‘you’re white like a ghost; that should be your fight name’ and it stuck,” Nicholls recalled.

Given 48 of the 13-year-old’s 55 fight medals are gold, ‘The Ghost’ would also be an apt nod to his evasiveness in the ring.

The competitor claimed gold at last year’s national championships to complete his biggest achievement since taking up the martial art seven years ago.

“It was a big competition and I had a couple of really great fights,” he said.

“I just really enjoy fighting. I like training at my club, GF Team (in Greenwood). My coach Fabio (Andrade) is great.

“I also like travelling and the thrill of competing.

“I’ve had about 150 competition fights and have won gold in all but six.”

With the immense popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA), it would be easy to assume an eventual goal for the youngster would be to test his craft in MMA battlegrounds.

But Nicholls is content with taking a sole BJJ path, on which he hopes to earn a black belt, become a world champion and run his own club one day.

He would not completely rule out MMA though.

“It’s possible. I’m learning a little boxing and have done some karate, capoeira, judo, American wrestling and Muay Thai,” he said.

The combatant is a nominee in the Community Newspaper Group’s Local Sports Stars awards.

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