WAMX State Motocross Championships wrap up for juniors and seniors

MX2 hits the track. Photos: True Spirit Photos
MX2 hits the track. Photos: True Spirit Photos

EGLINTON motocross rider Kayden Minear was crowned a dual state champion on the weekend.

The youngster took out the 85cc nine to under-12 years title with 627 points and the 65cc 10 to under-12s on 621 after the sixth and final round of the WAMX State Motocross Championships.

Rhal Selway, Isaac Atkins and Jake Turner.

Carramar’s Deacon Paice was runner-up in both divisions on 565 and 539, with Seth Shackleton (544 points) and Patrick Butler (507 points) taking third respectively.

Josh Adams contests the MX1.

Shackleton then went on to win the 65cc seven to under-10s on 630 points from Indy Radcliffe on 506 and Connor Wiese just behind on 496.

Continuing the success for the northern suburbs was Mason Brown, of Mariginiup, who won the 50cc auto seven to under-nine years on 598 points ahead of Deegan Fort on 492 and Blake Mannion on 440.

Dylan Walsh and Camball McMahon.

Mason’s mum Leanne Brown said they were “so proud and excited for him”.

“He was very impressed to win as it has taken so much effort and training and determination,” she said.

Quad runner-up Luke Gaisford. Photo: True Spirit Photos

Woodvale rider Regan Duffy had a strong round to win all three 100-125cc 13 to under-16 motos but it was Rhys Burnett who won the title on 516 points from Corben Weinert on 501 and Seth Manuel on 500.

Kayden Minear.

Duffy also took the round win in the 128-150cc/200-250cc 13 to under-16 years, but again Burnett had the championship on 516 from Weinert on 495 and Conan Forrester on 492.

In the 85cc 12 to under-16s, Brock Flynn won on 585 from Jake Turner on 522 and Dylan Walsh on 511.

Women’s champion Tahlia O’Hare. Photo: True Spirit Photos

And on four-wheels, Keenan Murphy won the eight to under-12 quads on 625 ahead of Sari Lough on 494 and Nichole McDonnell on 472, while Jae Dowestt won the 12 to under-16s on 630 from Flynn Burton on 566 and Brooke Hall on 491.

Chad Wilson.

The senior championships were also crowned on the weekend with David Birch winning the MX1 division on 582 points from Charlie Creech on 519 and Stevie Heilers on 466, and Mat Fabry winning MX2 on 613 ahead of Mitchell Outram on 529 and Billy Middleton on 515.

MX1 runner-up Charlie Creech. Photo: True Spirit Photos

For the women’s championship, Tahlia O’Hare took the title on 612 from Kara Cats on 559 and Lily Ken on 520, and for the quads, northern suburbs rider Chris Bosnakis was victorious on 599 points followed by Luke Gaisford on 471 and Blake Croonen on 466.

Flynn Burton.

James Craig won the masters on 420 points ahead of Trevor Unstead with 364 and Marc Payne with 338, and Scott Petricevich topped the veterans on 411 from Martin Costa on 362 and Paul Smithson on 324.

Regan Duffy.

WAMX State Junior Motocross Championships results

50cc auto seven to under-nine years

Mason Brown – 598 points

Deegan Fort – 492 points

Blake Mannion – 440 points

65cc seven to under-10 years

Seth Shackleton – 630 points

Indy Radcliffe – 506 points

Connor Wiese – 496 points

85cc nine to under-12 years

Kayden Minear – 627 points

Deacon Paice – 565 points

Seth Shackleton – 544 points

65cc 10 to under-12 years

Kayden Minear – 621 points

Deacon Paice – 539 points

Patrick Butler – 507 points

85cc 12 to under-16 years

Brock Flynn – 585 points

Jake Turner – 522 points

Dylan Walsh – 511 points

100-125cc 13 to under-16 years

Rhys Burnett – 516 points

Corben Weinert – 501 points

Seth Manuel – 500 points

128-150cc/200-250cc 13 to under-16 years

Rhys Burnett – 516 points

Corben Weinert – 495 points

Conan Forrester – 492 points

Quads eight to under-12 years

Keenan Murphy – 625 points

Sari Lough – 494 points

Nichole McDonnell – 472 points

Quads 12 to under-16 years

Jae Dowestt – 630 points

Flynn Burton – 566 points

Brooke Hall – 491 points

WAMX State Senior Motocross Championships results


David Birch – 582 points

Charlie Creech – 519 points

Stevie Heilers – 466 points


Mat Fabry – 613 points

Mitchell Outram – 529 points

Billy Middleton – 515 points


Tahlia O’Hare – 612 points

Kara Cats – 559 points

Lily Ken – 520 points


Chris Bosnakis – 599 points

Luke Gaisford – 471 points

Blake Croonen – 466 points


James Craig – 420 points

Trevor Unstead – 364 points

Marc Payne – 338 points


Scott Petricevich – 411 points

Martin Costa – 362 points

Paul Smithson – 324 points