West Perth to go flat out against Peel Thunder in WAFL

West Perth to go flat out against Peel Thunder in WAFL

It�s a final so we won�t be taking any chances on them having a weakened side because of the Dockers� player management ahead of the AFL finals.

We want to win and we�ll be going flat out.

I have a list of Peel�s players and as press announcements trickle through, I cross off those who I don�t expect to play.

For example, it was announced Aaron Sandilands would be rested so I could expect Zac Clarke or Jack Hannath to replace him.

Matthew Pavlich is another flagged for a rest so I could expect Matt Tabener not to be playing for the Thunder.

I won�t know the official announcement until later today, of course.

We expect to have a healthy selection of players, besides Matt Guadagnin and Jordan Jones who had season-ending injuries.

Andrew Strijk (ankle), Chris Keunen (ankle) and Marcus Adams (head knock) were dealt minor injuries in our loss to Claremont, but will be OK this Sunday.

We�ve also got Shane Nelson, Kody Manning, Laine Rasmussen and Joe Morrow available after missing last week.

We�ve got to cut a list of about 26 players down to 22 so there will be some tough selection decisions.

We expect Peel�s approach to be much the same regardless of their line-up.

There might be a few little changes � for example, they might include a couple of run-with roles � but after 20 games we�d be confident in being able to predict what Peel will do.

Ultimately, 90 per cent of what we discuss is about us. There�s a small element of focus on the opposition, but mainly it�s about what we do well.

We�re confident our system holds up against any side in the competition.