Baldivis singer Jasmine Atkins releases new single Get Gone

Jasmine Atkins. Photo by Jesse Anderson from Klik Productions.
Jasmine Atkins. Photo by Jesse Anderson from Klik Productions.

THE latest single by Baldivis singer Jasmine Atkins (23) was released on Tuesday.

Atkins co-wrote Get Gone, which she described as a break-up song with attitude.

“It’s about a guy who cheated on a girl and now he’s trying to get her back,” she said.

Atkins said Get Gone more edgy that her previous songs.

“It’s more country rock pop – which is pretty cool,” she said.

The music video for Get Gone was released on Friday.

Atkins started performing at a young age, learning piano from the age of three.

She taught herself to read music and was writing songs by her 10th birthday. Atkins began teaching music when she was 14.

In 2015, she graduated from the CMAA Academy of Country Music in Tamworth.

This experience left her hungry for success in her chosen career, tackling her lofty goals.

That same year, Atkins was awarded the Western Australian Country Music Award for Songwriter of the Year as well as being nominated for Best Emerging Talent.

She won multiple awards at the 2016 CCMA National Talent Quest and went on to compete in the Australia v New Zealand Trans-Tasman Entertainer of the Year competition, where she took home the Most Promising Artist title.

Atkins said her best writing came when she allowed it to flow uninterrupted, and it often surprised her.

“I don’t really know where they come from,” she said.

“The ones about mental illness and domestic violence are not personal or about anyone I know,” she said.

“After writing them, I just thought ‘Wow, where did that come from?’

“When I started writing them, they took on a life of their own.

Atkins is touring Coral Bay and Onslow in December, before she leaves for the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January. She also has some gigs organised in Adelaide.

Visit Jasmine Atkins Get Gone.