Bar Nineteen 89 opens in Rockingham

Bar Nineteen 89 opens in Rockingham

BAR Nineteen 89 opened in Syren Street last night.

Freddy Murcury entertained invited guests for the opening night.

Owners Glenn and Kelly Sell hope the venue will become a popular venue to cater for most occasions, whether it be a date, after work drinks or bookclub meetings.

They have achieved a warm, welcoming ambience and hope the bar will become a place where “everyone knows your name.”

Bar Nineteen 89 also allows patrons to scan their order via a QR code and the order will be delivered to the table.

Erin English, Holly Daly (manager) and owner Kelly Sell.
Owner Glenn Sell and Caroline Hume with Tony and Jenny Solin.
Monica Hunter, Joel Hunter, Tzudy Weir and Paul Weir.
Nikki Parkinson and Jack Ward.
Mark and Paul Peirt.
John Giles and Rodney Williams.
Gemma Heaney, Aimee Osman and Nicole Nie.
Claudia Wells and Dean Klesser.