Carol with twist

ROCKINGHAM’S Willy Smeets is putting a new spin on Charles Dickens next month when a few laughs are added to the classic A Christmas Carol.

The show is set to be a fun-filled family show full of traditional Dickens characters – but not your usual Scrooge.

This version of A Christmas Carol, adapted by Karen Louise Hebden and directed by Trish Theisinger, has innovative performances, quick characterisations, comedy, drama and tragedy.

The story remains the same: Scrooge is a miserly old man, lost in the business of making and conserving money, shunning any act of kindness or charity.

He makes it clear he has no money to give anyone but himself, until a few helpful ghosts and a charming child help Scrooge to redeem himself, bringing him back to life.

Smeets plays the main role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

“He’s a very mean person before he becomes a born-again human being,” he said.

A Christmas Carol appealed for the volume of the role and the challenge presented.”

Director Trish Thesinger said most Dickens stories were a bit bleak and couldn’t resist cheering him up a bit.

“I haven’t met an audience that doesn’t like a laugh, a bit of pathos and some lovely music for good measure,” she said.