Perth Fashion Festival: Rockingham girl’s designs featured

Perth Fashion Festival: Rockingham girl’s designs featured

ROCKINGHAM fashion student Rachel Mears is upcycling defunct banners, which will feature at Perth Fashion Festival.Rachel and other Polytechnic West students are creating a unique runway collective for the festival.

The students were told to choose any type of disused banner they liked � cloth or vinyl � to go crazy and design something outrageous, provided it still looks like a banner.

Rachel said she chose an old Perth City Music advertising banner.

�It was something I already had in mind, the lines and notes of music,� she said.

�My outfit is inspired by music.�

She said she chose a vinyl banner as it was a harder material to work with and she wanted a challenge.

�It�s all about fashion sustainability � I just used rope to put it together, but you could use other materials or dye the banners,� she said.

�It took about five days to put together and I kept cutting my hands with fly wire I used in it.�

Born and raised in Rockingham, Rachel said an overseas trip sparked a love for fashion.

�I have always been a creative person, but I wasn�t into fashion,� she said.

�I went to Europe with mum and saw all the fashion over there; it was so different from here.

�I just loved it.

�When I came back I signed up to fashion.�

Rachel, along with the rest of her class, will unveil their designs on the catwalk at Fashion Central, Forrest Place, on September 18.