A peach of a gesture

THE generosity of a local business has put a big smile back on the face of a six-year-old Warnbro girl.

Angela Klaus said the peach tree she bought for her daughter Annika was taken from the family’s front yard last Thursday night.

“I went to go out to work last Friday morning and it had been dug out,” she said.

“The tree was a gift for Annika last Easter. I had just moved it and it was coming along nicely, then someone has come and dug it out.

“Apparently that’s a thing people are doing now, stealing plants from gardens. It’s upsetting; why go through all that trouble for a $50 plant?”

A post to Facebook about the missing tree caught the attention of Kearns Garden and Hardware owner Merv Kearney, who got in touch with Ms Klaus and offered to replace the tree.

Annika picked out a new peach tree on Wednesday morning with Kearns employee Harry Tebbutt, who received a thank you letter and hug. Ms Klaus said the family was “very grateful” for the gesture.

“When I told Annika someone wanted to give her a new plant, she jumped out of her skin. She was jumping up and down, squealing and saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you!’,” she said.