Aaron Pajich murder trial: accused denies obsession with murder

Jemma Victoria Lilley (left) and Trudi Clare Lenon.
Jemma Victoria Lilley (left) and Trudi Clare Lenon.

THE Perth woman accused of murdering autistic teen Aaron Pajich has rejected incriminating evidence that she wanted to kill someone and had been obsessed with murder for years.

Presented with evidence given so far in the Supreme Court trial, which is in its fourth week, she denied numerous claims about saying she wanted to go on a killing “slaughterfest”, stating that “retarded” people should die and SMS messages with her co-accused Trudi Lenon discussing murder.

In one message to Lenon, she described wanting to hear a victim screaming and to see “fresh blood gushing on to the floor”.

The supermarket shelf stacker also allegedly told Jeffrey Burling she wanted to be a serial killer.

She explained the message to Lenon as role playing to help research a sequel to a previously written book and that she was playing the role of her main character, the serial killer SOS, and her co-accused was in the role of a planned ‘follower’ called Corvino.

Of Mr Burling’s claims she said they were talking about “sex types” and she said she had a kill type and admitted to being interested in murder and serial killers.

“I am interested in that sort of thing, I suppose, because I am quite dark,” she said.

Lilley, 26, and her housemate Lenon, 43, have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Pajich, who was friends with Lenon’s son, in June last year.

The 18-year-old’s body was found buried in the backyard of a Perth house the pair shared in Broughton Way, Orelia.

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