Accused Aaron Pajich murderer admits covering up grave

Jemma Victoria Lilley (left) and Trudi Clare Lenon.
Jemma Victoria Lilley (left) and Trudi Clare Lenon.

TWO women accused of murdering 18-year-old autistic man Aaron Pajich spent the evening he is believed to have been killed watching Game of Thrones and smoking cannabis.

In the days after June 13, when Mr Pajich was last seen and visited the women’s Perth home, they also bought concrete and tiles that they say was for a verandah but also covered the dead man’s grave.

Jemma Lilley, 26, used co-accused Trudi Lenon’s 13-year-old son to do the work in the middle of the night and claimed to have comforted him because his friend Aaron was missing.

Lilley denied knowing a body was under there, saying Lenon, 43, started pouring concrete while she was at work and she was fixing her poor work, a Supreme Court jury was told on Wednesday.

Lilley also admitted lying to police when they visited her Perth house a week after Mr Pajich went missing, but said Lenon asked her to do it.

She also claimed Lenon had once told her she had been “spiking” her friend’s coffee with an antidepressant to prompt her to commit suicide.

She spent a third day testifying in the witness box and defended lying to police, covering up Mr Pajich’s grave and allegedly confessing to committing murder to a work colleague at Woolworths supermarket.

“I had a discussion with Trudi on the way to the house … she looked concerned … she asked me to lie for her and say I was out on my motorbike because no one would believe I was asleep,” Lilley said in court.

Lilley says she went to sleep on the morning of June 13 and when she woke up Mr Pajich had left after visiting Lenon for what she claimed was a sexual bondage session.

That night she sent a message to Lenon saying she was “seeing and feeling” things for the first time but claimed that was referring to heightened senses from cannabis while watching Game of Thrones.

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