Aged Care residents embrace new baby

Aged Care residents embrace new baby

ZOE Jordan has gained 98 new grandparents for her new baby Pyper, thanks to her volunteer work with one of Rockingham’s Aged Care facilities.

Her mother Kim Jordan became a Baptistcare lifestyle co-ordinator and with her extended family in Ireland, Baptistcare Gracehaven became Zoe’s second home.

As a teenager, Zoe became an official volunteer at Gracehaven and when she was old enough she qualified as an Allied Health Assistant in Aged Care so she could work alongside her mother.

Zoe said she had been overwhelmed by the support from residents.

“I have known a lot of the residents for many years, so it only seemed natural to share my pregnancy with everybody. In fact, a few people guessed that I was pregnant even before I knew myself,” she said.

“I had my gender reveal party at Gracehaven, which was a lovely event and I was showered with some beautiful hand-made baby clothes, blankets and wraps.”

Zoe said the residents followed her pregnancy very closely, suggesting names and trying to guess the birth weight.

“It was wonderful to have so many residents cheering me on every step of the way, offering advice and being an active part of the process,” she said.

Currently on maternity leave, Zoe still calls into the facility twice a week to visit because everyone wants to see two-month-old Pyper Nancy Winter.

Kim said her daughter’s pregnancy and birth of her granddaughter had a positive effect on the residents.

“For many of them, the memories they hold most clearly are of the distant past and a new baby has helped many residents to capture those precious moments they had as parents,” she said.

“I am very happy to ‘share’ my granddaughter because it is so good to see the residents so engaged and involved whenever Pyper comes to visit.”

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