Aldi Kwinana preview: novelty might wear off but experience makes shopping more fun

Aldi Kwinana preview: novelty might wear off but experience makes shopping more fun

GET ready Kwinana, Aldi is about to land.

The German supermarket giant makes its first foray into the WA market when its first four stores open tomorrow.

Initially I was cautious when I received an invite to have a look around the new Kwinana Aldi; partly because I knew how jealous my mum would be, but mainly because I avoid shopping like the plague.

First things first – parking.

The store was only open to me so I did not have a problem, but when everyone arrives tomorrow morning there may be a bit more of a squeeze.

Crowds are expected to be mega, so if you want to be one of the first through those doors, get there early.

I entered and was greeted by something familiar, but with a strange twist; a bit like a sausage roll served with mayonnaise instead of tomato sauce.

Like any break from the norm, I was not sure if I liked it.

Essentially Aldi is a supermarket where you can buy your old favourites like Tim Tams, Moccona coffee and Vegemite but, if so tickled, you can also grab a flat screen TV.

Of course, it seems like a good idea, but the stakes have gone up a notch when you send hubby on a bread and milk run at 8.45pm.

On the bright side, that milk and bread will be proudly West Australian, a win for farmers after the recent dairy crisis as the meat and a fair chunk of the dairy will be WA products.

My minder kindly points out that 90 per cent of the shelf products are Australian made.

The shelves are well stocked, the aisles wide enough to overtake the expected hoards of the ‘Aldi curious’ but there is one downer; put your credit card away.

Any payments on credit, including PayWave or PayPass, will incur a 0.5 per cent surcharge.

That is 50 cents on a $100 shop and although it does not sound like much, it is 50 cents I would rather have in my pocket.

Overall, the Aldi experience looks like one I will probably like; not because it is cheap (in fact no prices were displayed in store), but because it is just that – an experience.

The novelty might wear off after a few visits, but who cares?

If it makes shopping more fun, I am in.