Aquatic centre’s murky outlook

still no decision on future of rockingham pool
still no decision on future of rockingham pool

For five years, the City has been considering whether to pay for an expensive major refurbishment of the Council Avenue pool or replace it with a new facility at another location.

In the City’s 10-year business plan, adopted in April, it budgeted $27.4 million for the redevelopment or relocation of the aquatic centre but remained tight-lipped on details.

Mayor Barry Sammels said the pool would re-open for the summer season in September while the City continued to work on its ‘aquatic provision’.

Cr Sammels said the project, whether redevelopment or relocation, was flagged for 2018-19.

‘The City’s Community Infrastructure Plan currently states that the Rockingham Aquatic Centre requires significant redevelopment to meet both current and projected community demands,’ he said.

‘A location for any potential relocation of the aquatic centre is being investigated as part of the strategic work on future aquatic provision.’

In 2009, the Courier revealed the City was considering the future of the historic pool, which prompted outcry from a number of residents who want the pool to remain on Council Avenue.