Arson Squad investigates Wellard house fires

The home on Ivory Way gutted by fire.
The home on Ivory Way gutted by fire.

FIRE investigators and the Arson Squad returned to Emerald Park estate in Wellard this morning to establish the cause of a fire that gutted two homes and damaged a third.

Reports of loud bangs and fire were called in at 2.46pm yesterday and by 3.09pm two properties, on Ivory Place and Gemstone Parade, were confirmed to be on fire.

A third home on Gemstone sustained minor damage.

A caravan was among the properties destroyed or damaged by fire in Wellard.

“It’s completely devastating,” Jessica Prowse said, whose house on Gemstone Parade was damaged.

“I’m very lucky that the physical damage was only my son’s bedroom and a section of our backyard,” she said.

“The Emerald Park community have been amazing in offering support for mine and the other families affected.”

A man was sleeping in the Ivory Way rental property when a neighbour alerted him to the fire.

No one was injured but the Arson Squad is still determining whether the fire was suspicious or accidental.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.