Awards recognise young achievers

Child Protection Minister Helen Morton presented awards to inspiring young |people, aged 15-25 years, who have been in the care of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support, and are pursuing further education or training.

Ms Duffy won a University Achiever Award. �I have been through lots of things and I am the person I am today because of it � I think I am a good person and I am proud of who I am,� she said.

Katrina Batt received a Registered Training Achiever Award. �My life experience of being in care has been life-changing � I have loved the journey to adulthood and I am proud of how I have turned out,� Ms Batt said.

Mrs Morton said the award winners had confronted and overcome big challenges at a very early age.

�Their dedication, tenacity and commitment is proof that if you have every intention of realising a positive future, it will happen,� she said.

�They are building on what they have achieved and inspiring all of us along the way. I thank all the winners for sharing their journey with us.�