Baldivis: Fifty Road Deli owners fear they will lose business if roadworks go ahead

Member for Kwinana Roger Cook, Diana and Frank Cutri and Baldivis Labor Candidate Reece Whitby.
Member for Kwinana Roger Cook, Diana and Frank Cutri and Baldivis Labor Candidate Reece Whitby.

OWNERS of adeli in Baldivis said they would lose their business if proposed road changes go ahead.

A proposed upgrade to the intersection at Fifty and Mandurah roads has been put forward by the City of Rockingham.

It will close one of the entryways to Fifty Road Deli regularly used by customers.

A petition started by owners Frank and Diana Cutri already has more than 1200 signatures from customers.

“When they close this access way people just won’t come here. Particularly trucks and bigger vehicles who can just drive in and out; without (the access way) there is little room for them to turn around,” Mr Cutri said.

Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the City was responsible for the roadworks and the intersection had been identified as a road safety Black Spot.

“We are currently designing the proposed roadworks to improve safety at the intersection,” he said.

Once design has been completed, the roadworks are scheduled to start in April 2017.

Cr Sammels said the proposal had been discussed with Mr and Mrs Cutri.

“City staff have spoken to Mr Cutri on-site and advised him of a proposal the City is developing to create a new driveway at the next crossover north on Mandurah Road,” Cr Sammels said.

“This option will not limit accessibility to the Fifty Road Deli and will allow for the safer movement of vehicles, particularly trucks and commercial vehicles, which will still be able to drive in the new driveway and out the other.”

However, the Cutris say the other driveway is not theirs and there had not been any major accidents at the intersection.

“There is another road but that is a private road that the owner can close anytime so it is not an option,” they said.

“We have spoken to other businesses around and no one has witnessed any major accidents bar a few prangs.”

Baldivis Labor candidate Reece Whitby and Member for Kwinana Roger Cook agreed the Cutris would lose their business.

“Closing the entry off Mandurah Road would wipe out this small family business,” Mr Whitby said

“The Fifty Road Deli is a Baldivis institution that’s been around for decades. Many local people come here to buy their bread, milk and paper because it’s handy and a friendly local business.

“This business employs an entire family; Frank, Diana and their two sons and daughter.

“I call on everyone who wants to support this small local business to come in and sign the petition.

“I’m sure that if authorities sat down with a bit of common sense they could come up with a plan that keeps this business going.”

Cr Sammels said the City was considering an alternative.

“As part of the design phase of the proposed roadworks, the City is currently developing an alternate route to minimise impact on local business owners,” he said.

“City officers are happy to meet with the property owners and the business owners on-site to discuss the alternate access route which has been developed to address the concerns they have raised.”