Baldivis: hoons tear up Settlers Hill oval

The word 'Howzat' scratched into the turf.
The word 'Howzat' scratched into the turf.

HOONS have torn up the Settlers Hill oval in Baldivis overnight.

The damage was discovered shortly after 7am this morning.

The damage centred around the main cricket pitch, with the word ‘HOWZAT’ scratched into the turf on another pitch.

Senior White Knights Cricket Player Pete Russell was the first to see the damage early this morning.

“I live near the oval and went past this morning and thought ‘hang on – that doesn’t look right’,” he said.

“It’s a clay pitch so it doesn’t drain so a lot more damage has been done.

“I was really gutted – I was only at the oval yesterday afternoon.”

Russell said future club games are now in question.

“We just gained A-grade status and are two weeks from the finals,” he said.

“We were going to host them at Settlers after our next two home and away games.

“They have driven up and down the main pitch and knocked over a pine bollard in order to get onto the oval.

“It’s just horrible – so many people use that oval. Every day it is used.”

Baldivis MP Reece Whitby was equally angered.

“This is a bloody outrage,” he said.

“I can’t believe the stupidity and selfishness of anyone who would commit such an act of vandalism.

“This mindless act of destruction strikes at the heart of a great local community sporting group.

“I urge anyone who may have information about the perpetrator or perpetrators to please immediately contact police.

“I will contact council to request they urgently do what they can to assist the club.

“I will see if surveillance cameras can be installed at Settlers and other ovals.