Baldivis kangaroo relocation proceeding as planned

Some of the mob at the Paramount Estate in Baldivis.
Some of the mob at the Paramount Estate in Baldivis.

BALDIVIS MLA Reece Whitby has assured residents the kangaroos threatened by the Paramount Estate development are in the process of getting packed ready for their move in the cooler months this year.

After receiving calls from concerned residents he said everything regarding the relocation was proceeding as planned.

“The intention has always been to wait until cooler months later in the year when the kangaroos are less stressed to give the relocation the best chance of success,” he said.

“I understand the concerns of residents who are keen to see a resolution.

“The relocation operation needs careful planning to ensure it is done properly, and it should not be rushed.

“The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) is working closely to assist the developer of Paramount Estate with the relocation.

“The Premier, Environment Minister and I remain committed to seeing these kangaroos safely moved to a new home.

“The DBCA has confirmed to me that they are regularly checking on the welfare of the kangaroos to ensure their health.”