Baldivis Primary School students help rejuvenate vegetation

Baldivis Primary School students and teachers with Mirvac staff.
Baldivis Primary School students and teachers with Mirvac staff.

BALDIVIS Primary School students helped rejuvenate vegetation within Tramway Reserve today.

The land runs parallel to the eastern side of Baldivis Road and Mirvac plans for the stretch to be rehabilitated with thousands of native plants.

Mirvac invited Baldivis Primary School’s grade five and six students to assist with efforts in revegetating the reserve to complement the school’s sustainability program.

The sustainability program encourages students to explore and input to their local urban environment.

General Manager for Residential Development WA Paige Walker said Mirvac was always looking for new initiatives to increase community participation and improve its residential communities.

“Part of our commitment to creating better communities is collaborating with the local community, so working with the Baldivis Primary School on such a worthy activity, both for learning and the community environment aligns with our values,” she said.

With the assistance from the students, an array of tubestock plants including banksias and eucalypts will be introduced. The revegetation will provide foraging habitat for the local Carnaby cockatoo population, among other native birds and animals.

The revegetation is the final step in Mirvac’s efforts to rehabilitate Tramway Reserve. Mirvac previously cleared the area, prepared ground cover for the native planting and installed a path network to connect the community with their local urban environment.

The rehabilitation of the reserve and the preservation of fallen tree logs will create habitats for many species of insects, reptiles, mammals and birds, significantly enhancing biodiversity.