Baldivis Secondary School college students perform circus acts

Baldivis Secondary School college students perform circus acts

BALDIVIS Secondary School college kids were encouraged to take a leap of faith by learning the art of taking healthy risks through circus classes.

Peel Health Campus and the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre teamed up for a show stopping performance Circus Oz.

The show incorporates a live performance of modern day circus, breathtaking stunts and death-defying bravery, including acrobatics and trapeze.

The hospital partnered up with Circus Oz for the benefits it could bring to youth.

As part of the sponsorship, the hospital and arts centre teamed up with circus school Pulse to bring circus lessons into secondary schools with a focus on re-engaging children.

The Baldivis students were treated to a free performance of Circus Oz to ignite some passion and excitement before their free circus lessons began.

Hospital chief Dr Margaret Sturdy said the partnership was a wonderful opportunity to bring something unique and engaging to local teenagers.

“Secondary school can be a hard time for teenagers – not everyone is interested in mainstream subjects,” she said.

“Teaching circus can hopefully help to reach out and engage some of these kids.

“Teenagers are often attracted to risky behaviour.

“If we can encourage measured risk taking in a safe environment through circus classes, we are hoping it might stop some of the more dangerous risk taking behaviour on the street.”

School head of arts Andrew Pheasant said the program was a success.

“The experience certainly boosted their confidence and we are now looking forward to establishing a long term relationship with Pulse Circus School to enhance and expand opportunities for success for our students,” he said.