Beaches deserve respect not rubbish

Dominique Griffiths is on a mission to keep our beaches clean.
Dominique Griffiths is on a mission to keep our beaches clean.

While people have the energy to bring beer bottles, aluminium cans, bait bags and fast food containers, Mrs Griffiths said people do not take it all away when they leave, and the problem has been getting ‘progressively worse’.

‘I care so much for the environment, and always will, but it’s time for people to have some respect for the environment,’ she said.

‘People are out fishing or at the beach so they obviously enjoy the beach, so they need to respect it as well but maybe after a few drinks or a some fun a bit of carelessness creeps in.’

Mrs Griffiths made her commitment to pick up beach rubbish 20 years ago after her family found a cormorant tangled in fishing line, an event she said was devastating, especially for her young daughter.

‘My husband and I made a pledge not to walk past any fishing line we see on the beach and it grew to picking up rubbish too.

‘I’ve been doing it at least weekly for the last 20 years, but I go most days now I have more free time.

‘We are so lucky in Rockingham to share the ocean with dolphins, sea lions and little penguins while pelicans, ospreys and sea eagles grace our skies; they deserve pristine conditions. People should respect and love what we’ve got.’