Become donor, says ‘lucky’ mum

The mother of two became ill in 2013 and was admitted to hospital with acute liver failure, cause unknown.

Her family were forced to watch helplessly as she rapidly deteriorated. They tried to come to terms with the fact she might not come home.

�By Christmas I was given a week to live,� Mrs Owen said.

�It was a huge shock to our family when I became ill as I have always been so active and there were simply no warning signs. I was, however, one of the lucky ones and received my transplant in January 2015.

Her recovery was not without complications though and took 10 weeks.

Mrs Owen is now strong enough to take part in the Run for a Reason on May 24. She wants to raise awareness about the importance of signing up to the organ donor register.

�My family will participate in the 4km walk to promote donor awareness for Donor Mate,� she said.

�Australia has one of the lowest organ donation rates in the world, which is tragic for so many families who have been affected by similar events and have had their lives torn apart by the death of a loved one.

�Organ donation could save so many lives.�

Six staff members at Secret Harbour Primary School will join the Owen family in Run for a Reason.

Tracey Cassels and her family are walking for the Heart Foundation. Toni Watt is also walking along with some of the school office ladies.

Jo Ireland was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2013. She will be walking with Linda Robinson, friends and family to fundraise for bowel cancer research.