Being mindful lands Charmoni top prize in Chevron Environment competition

Mindfulness by Charmoni Martin-Cogger.
Mindfulness by Charmoni Martin-Cogger.

CALISTA resident Charmoni Martin-Cogger has won the 2015 Chevron Focus Environment photography and caption competition, receiving a $250 cash prize.

Charmoni is home schooled and called her photo Mindfulness. Her caption was: “Man will always build and create therefore we have to be mindful of the environment and our effect on it when we do.”

She won the Celebrating Human Energy and Sustainability category in WA for years 7 to 10 students.

“I like walking on the beach and spending time by the sea,” Charmoni said. “It relaxes me and I feel close to nature. We need to look after these precious places for the wildlife and for ourselves and share them together.

“I was very excited to win as I like to take photos and wanted to share this special place with others.”