Bike helmet saves Baldivis boy’s life

Zack Wren (12) is lucky to be alive after a bike crash.
Zack Wren (12) is lucky to be alive after a bike crash.

Warning: graphic photo

BALDIVIS 12-year-old Zack Wren is lucky to be alive after a serious bike crash yesterday.

His mother Kim credits a bike helmet to saving his life and is urging everyone to wear bike helmets when riding.

“He was riding down a steep hill and ran over a small hump,” she said.

“He did cartwheels for about 50m before he landed on the ground.

“His head took the impact of the fall.”

Mrs Wren said the people involved in helping Zack were very shaken as he was “initially in quite a bad way.”

“Some wonderful Baldivis community members came to his aid and we would like to thank them,” she said.

“We had an ambulance take us to Rockingham hospital and then we were transferred to the new children’s hospital.

“Zack had a bad concussion – he was unconscious and incoherent for about five hours.”

Zack was discharged from hospital at noon today with a busted lip and grazes.

He will need rest and will be reassessed on Thursday to see if he can attend school at Mother Teresa Catholic College.

Doctors said the bike helmet saved Zack’s life.

Mrs Wren said she had always harped on about Zack wearing a bike helmet.

“What shocked me is that several of his mates don’t have or wear a helmet,” she said.

“We are off to buy a new helmet before any further bike riding.”