Bloody good biscuit

WHEN the Red Cross Blood Service told me about the chocolate chip biscuit they promised was the size of my palm an instant craving reared its head.

This could be because I am six months pregnant, but I am sure the new treat to entice new donors is going to work.

In Rockingham alone, 160 extra donations are needed in the next fortnight to boost flagging blood stocks, as donors cancel due to winter illnesses.

Four years ago, my first child required two blood transfusions to stay alive after a premature delivery.

I am forever grateful for the many that roll up their sleeves to help save three lives with each donation.

But back to the biscuit.

The Weekend Courier was given a taste test after watching endorsements by plenty of Aussie chefs and even the Cookie Monster.

The substantial, buttery treat was packed full of milk chocolate and was delicious.

If you are feeling the hunger pangs this afternoon and want to give life with an hour of your time, make an appointment to donate blood by calling or 13 14 95 or visit