Boats seized by Fisheries as part of blitz on rock lobster fishing offences

Fisheries and Marine officers are clamping down on rock lobster offences.
Fisheries and Marine officers are clamping down on rock lobster offences.

TWO small fishing boats were seized in Mandurah and Rockingham last week for alleged interference with fishing gear as part of a blitz on rock lobster offences in the area.

Fisheries and Marine officers seized the recreational vessels from Mandurah last Tuesday and Rockingham last Wednesday as part of Operation Bagana.

Compliance manager south metropolitan John Breeden said this season’s forecast was for bumper catches and there were no excuses for stealing gear or lobsters from other fishers.

“Buy your own fishing gear and a licence, learn the rules and get out there; enjoy one of Australia’s best-managed fisheries and catch your own gourmet seafood product,” Mr Breeden said.

“Leave other fishers’ gear alone, or be prepared to face the consequences.”

Mandurah’s supervising fisheries and marine officer Jay Tonkin said the Department had mobilised significant resources for the operation.

“The community has strong views against rock lobster pot interference and we take their concerns seriously,” Mr Tonkin said.

“Commit a serious offence, you risk losing your boat; it’s that simple.

“Many Mandurah fishers will have seen the seized vessel now being used in an education role at various town boat ramps, to remind people of the potential consequences of breaking the rules.”

He said rock lobster fishing was a highly valued activity.

“It is part of WA’s lifestyle for many people living in Perth and coastal communities,” he said.

A Department spokesman said investigations related to both vessel seizures were continuing, with a view to charges being laid.

Anyone with information about illegal fishing activities is urged not to get involved, but to carefully observe what they see and call FishWatch on 1800 815 507.

More information on rules and limits is available in the Recreational fishing for rock lobster guide, at|, or from departmental offices or information outlets.