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Club aims to end women’s isolation
Club aims to end women’s isolation

It was the social aspect of literary appreciation that South Coastal Women’s Health Services chief executive Bev Jowle and her team hit upon as a way to stop the isolation felt by some women ” by forming a book club.

Its first meeting was held in February, with members reading Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay and it next meets this Tuesday, April 23, with more book clubs planned to be established if interest continues.

‘The best number of people per book club is about nine and we have about six in the first club,’ Ms Jowle said.

‘Once the members get to know each other well enough, we hope the clubs will meet in each other’s homes or local cafes, as most book clubs do.

‘Until then, we are happy to incubate each club and give them somewhere to gather. Lots of women love to read and want to share their interpretations of different books, so the clubs are a fun way for people to get to know each other and make social connections.

‘We know that being involved with your community is important to maintaining good mental health, so we encourage isolated women to reach out and get involved.’

For more information on joining the club, call the centre on 9550 0900.