Brand the place to be

Mr Abbott received a rousing reception from Liberal Party faithful at a fundraiser for Brand candidate Donna Gordin on Sunday during a whirlwind trip to WA.

While Mr Rudd did meet with Brand MHR Gary Gray last week in Perth, he did not make a trip south to the seat that Labor holds by a slim 3.3 per cent margin.

However, a prime minister will take part in Mr Gray’s campaign launch at Rockingham Navy Club tomorrow, be it former prime minister Bob Hawke.

In recent weeks, Employment Minister Brendan O’Connor and Mental Health and Ageing Minister Jacinta Collins were among a handful of ministers to visit Brand, with Mr Gray expecting more to visit in the remaining weeks.

‘Depending on our schedules, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd may also come to Brand,’ he said.

‘In the past, Kevin has visited Brand several times as prime minister.

‘By comparison, no Liberal prime minister has ever visited this electorate.’