Bunkers’ sand removed

The 11/28th Battalion started removing sand from the ammunitions bunkers as part of Operation Sandy Shovel on Saturday .

�The project to see the Point Peron battery restored is well underway, and we are discovering new things about this site all the time,� South Metropolitan MLC Phil Edman declared.

�Twenty Reservists removed around a metre of sand from the ammunitions bunker, which is connected to the gun mount that looks out towards John Point.

�They were kept sustained by the Baldivis Scouts who cooked up a barbecue in support of the event.�

It has been 70 years since the Point Peron battery was rendered no longer necessary in 1945, when the threat of Japanese invasion of Australia subsided and World War II began to draw to a close.

The first step to restoring the buildings that make up K Battery has been to remove the tonnes of sand and debris that have built up over the years.

�The 11/28th Battalion and Baldivis Scouts completed valuable work over the weekend towards recovering this neglected site so it can be enjoyed by all West Australians,� Mr Edman said.

The Point Peron Rehabilitation Committee will be hosting an exhibition early next year to display the memorabilia and history that has been collected from the site.