Business going through rocky time

�They have debt problems and many are facing going bankrupt,� she said.

Ms McCaskey runs a Facebook training company and said the downturn had been noticeable in the past five to six years.

�The reduction in FIFO workers has had a domino affect,� she said.

�There is less money to spend in our community.

�Retail has been affected with people making their purchases online.

�Even with dentists, people are looking overseas because it�s cheaper.

�Services like plumbers and electricians seem to be fine.�

Ms McCaskey and her friend Carol Frieling started Rockingham Business Sundowners in a push to encourage business owners and customers to shop local.

�We want people to do business with people they trust,� Ms McCaskey said.

�People should buy local; we have great businesses here in Rockingham.

�Business-to-business networking is exploding, as are word-of-mouth connections.

�It�s all about seeking work for each other and giving business to each other.�

Ms McCaskey said Rockingham Business Sundowners did not make a profit and there was a strong emphasis on putting back into the community.

For more details, call 0408 863 331 or visit the Rockingham Business Sundowners Facebook page.